Pioneer Program

Parasol is excited to announce the launch of its technician certification program! This program was designed
to train technicians on Parasol’s setup and best practices. As you know, Parasol is committed to both
providing world class service to its users, and supporting dealers with the training and resources needed to
be successful. Our new certification program is just one way we can do both.

Technicians will learn

  • The Parasol set-up
  • How to implement OvrC
  • Best practices for selling the Parasol service to existing clients

Upon completion of the program, technicians will receive a certificate and a Parasol

Certification Program Modules

What’s covered in our training? Here’s an overview of the modules each technician will go through.
  • Part 1: OvrC Commissioning setup and checklist.
  • Part 2: Learning the customer pamphlet and how to explain Parasol’s services.
  • Part 3: Best practices for selling Parasol’s services to existing clients.
The program will take about 30 minutes to complete. Upon completion of all three modules, the technician
will receive an email with his/her certification results. All technicians who pass will receive their
certificate and t-shirt in the mail. Their name will also be added to their Parasol dealer portal, showing
they have completed the certification program.

Why Certification Is Important

Getting your technician’s certified is the best way to ensure everyone is on
the same page and has the tools and resources they need to be successful. This will help alleviate any
questions or problems concerning the Parasol set-up to ensure that your clients do not experience delays or
issues. It will also ensure that your technicians are following the best practices for selling the Parasol
service, which will help increase revenue at your business.