Parasol is Easy

Our solutions let you focus on running your business while
we take good care of your customers after the sale 24/7.

Benefits Essential Enhanced All Call

Proactive Monitoring

We’ll proactively monitor your technology system
and troubleshoot potential issues before they arise.

Reactive Remote Repair

Upon hearing from you, your system will be accessed
remotely and oftentimes repaired without a service call.

24/7 Email, Text and Chat Support

We’re available to communicate with you in whichever
manner best fits your lifestyle.

24/7 Phone Support

Experience the convenience of a live answer by one of our
knowledgeable technicians.

App Control

You’ll get a mobile app enabling you to fix many of the
common issues that technology systems experience.

Discounted Service Call Rates

If we can’t solve your issue remotely, you’ll receive a
preferred rate.

All Call

We’ll take all your customer calls 24/7/365 regardless
of subscription status.


We’ll schedule your customers using popular
calendar apps.

Coming Soon